2018 (geladen)

Competition Clients

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich
Sektion III: Kunst und Kultur


4,30x4,30x4,30 Meter

Year Completed

(nicht realisiert)

Building Costs

ca. 200.000 Euro (estimate)

Furnishings, Materials

Cube from austrian stone. (about 210 Tonnen). The processing is in upper Austria. A austrian company transort the cube to the place.


Dipl.Ing. Karola Maria Gump

Memory - draft for a memorial stone for the austrian victims at Maly Trostinec | Minsk

murderd at maly trostinec.
The stone is for all victims who got murdern at Maly Trostinec. It should be at the Memorial park at Minsk (memorialny kompleks trostenec) . It’s not the first „memory-project“ at thi splace. Kids are playing there and Walker found a place for quiescent and rest.

No project is able to undo what happend! The pain will stay forever.

The material for the cube are not from here. It is 4,3 m high. The way to the stone is not visible immediatel.

Every Visitor is allowed to hit a small notch in the cube, as a symbol for the analysis (individual) with the topic.

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