Rauchmühle Salzburg | Salzburg

Landschaftsraum Rauchmühle – Update the History

The „Rauchmühe“ was situated outside the City. Now it will be the centre of a new area. The „Mühlbach“ did the development of „Lehnen“ possible. The Histroy of the production of flour found now a end. But still, the History should be a part at the location. The Building and the Ceconi Villa survived.

The element - Water - should still be a part of the area.

The people are now able to play at the „Mühlbach-Kanal“ relax at the riverside and ride the bike. You can see a big cotrast between the formal order from the chestnuts and some areas in a „natural-style“.

You can find some refereces from the Histroy in de detail:

  • 4 tanks remeber on the 4 mill wheels
  • The grasses is a symbol for the cereal
  • gravel-areas with differnet grain fractions are a symbol for the differents fineness of the flour.

The new architecture enables a versatile using.

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